Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Walk In the Garden

One of my favorite things to do is to sit in a chair on the outdoor patio with a cup of tea in hand gazing out on the garden.   The best time is in the morning or in the later afternoon when you can hear the sounds of the birds rustling in the trees and see the sure signs of spring as the first robin appears. 

It is a time to think and reflect on life and the mind will sometimes tend to wander.  It is a time of joy and serenity.  It is amazing just how much a garden can bring joy and contentment to our lives and this Mother's Day seemed to be the perfect time to take a stroll and checkout all the beauty that the garden has to offer. A gardener nurtures the garden to make it grow and thrive adding tender loving care along the way similar to the way a mother would care for and nurture a child.  One could say, "A Garden is Grown with Love". 

At this time of year the gardens are changing dramatically.  The azaleas are now in bloom adding much color and life to the garden.   The lavender panicles of the Wisteria gracefully cascade downwards from the magnificent arching branches and the wonderful sweet fragrance of the blooms lingers throughout the yard.  I take it all in.
The foliage of the hosta emerges above the soil like a slow motion movie and I am convinced they are growing before my very eyes. As I walk throughout the gardens I just gaze in awe at all that nature has to offer.

Back at the porch it is time to gaze and ponder some more enjoying the beauty of the day. There is a well-known saying about taking time to smell the roses and today for a brief moment in time I did just that.

Gardening is a love and a passion. It brings so much to life.  Maybe I will take some time to "smell the roses" again tomorrow.

Happy Gardening and a Happy Mother's Day!  Also a thank you to my mom who gave me the encouragement to pursue the passion of gardening that was within me.

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  1. So lovely. I can picture myself there in the garden.


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