Garden Coaching

Are you a novice or experienced gardener looking for guidance with a landscape project? Are you seeking four-season interest? Would you like to achieve privacy? Is there a deer problem? Would you prefer a low maintenance garden? Is there some function that you would like your space to achieve? If you need someone to lead the way, garden coaching may be the answer for you.

Who is a Garden Coach? 

A garden coach is someone with horticultural experience who can guide clients in the right direction. Think of it as a mentor, private tutor or a cross between a consultant, designer and landscaper. A visit from a garden coach is equivalent to a horticultural house call. Within the one hour consultation, you can seek guidance, help with garden design and plant selection ideas, ask about maintenance tips, inquire about a certain plant or area or start a DYI project with some guidance to start you on your way. 

Who Hires a Garden Coach?

  • New homeowners who have taken on a garden, want to identify plants and learn how to maintain them (pruning, deadheading, feeding, general maintenance).
  • Experienced gardeners who want advice/feedback on a new garden project they’re planning to undertake.
  • Gardeners who want to learn more about plant diseases or insect damage and how to address them.
  • Gardeners with questions about soil characteristics and drainage, wanting advice about their property.
  • DIY Homeowners hoping to take on more of their own gardening, but don’t have the extensive knowledge or skills and need some one-on-one advice.

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