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Long Island Estates: The Vanderbilt Mansion, Museum and Gardens Centerport, New York

The Vanderbilt Estate and Gardens
There is so much of a historical past on Long Island and I have recently gained a deeper appreciation for the preserved mansions and gardens that exist on the island.  I have lived here all my life and have just encountered another estate, located in Centerport, Long Island, the Vanderbilt Estate and Gardens.   
Vanderbilt Grounds Entrance
 The Vanderbilt Mansion is one of the region's oldest estates dating back from the early 1900’s, and one of the few remaining Gold Coast mansions. William K. Vanderbilt bought the original 20 acre property in the summer of 1910 and commissioned the well-known New York City architectural firm of Warren & Wetmore to build him a summer home.  
Vanderbilt Estate
  Over the years Vanderbilt acquired more land thus expanding the property.  The estate consists of a 43 acre waterfront property with a 24-room Spanish-Revival mansion, known as Eagle’s Nest, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Vanderbilt Estate Gardens

The gardens on the estate consist of fountains, neatly manicured boxwood hedges and various blooming perennials and shrubs. The garden located in the back of the main mansion overlooks onto a view of the Northport Bay.  
Reflecting Pool

On the grounds reflecting pools and fountains are surrounded by blooming rose bushes.
Mansion Entrance
The mansion is museum-like in nature with rare and fine art along with century old furnishings from around the world.  The mansion hosts a display of William K. Vanderbilt II’s marine-life, natural history and artifact collections along with the new Charles and Helen Reichert Planetarium.  The architecture of this estate is amazing as seen here with these medieval looking gates and door knocker that embrace the entrance. 
Mansion Door Knocker
Various statues and stonework are also common around the estate and add an interesting touch.
Vanderbilt Estate Grounds
Along the walkway to the entrance are these decorative mosaics of inlaid stone.
Mosaic Tiles in Walkway
The courtyard of the mansion is seen below.
Mansion Courtyard
Concrete walls, tile roofing and wrought iron gates depict this Spanish-Revival style home.
Vanderbilt Estate Architecture and Courtyard 
Vanderbilt Mansion Bell Tower
The bell tower is presently undergoing restoration and at the very top is a large nest, possibly an eagle's nest, from which the nickname for the estate was derived.  
Eagle's Nest Vanderbilt Mansion
Courtyard Gardens
Courtyard Gardens
Vanderbilt Estate
Vanderbilt Estate Architecture and Gardens

Vanderbilt Estate Long Island
The combination of early 1900's architecture and manicured gardens make this estate a lovely place to visit.  Tours run hourly and the Planetarium is open for the viewing of regularly scheduled shows. 
Vanderbilt Mansion and Gardens, Centerport, Long Island

For more information visit Vanderbilt Mansion.
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  1. Thank you for the tour, Lee! Interesting architecture and gardens! I like the combination of the formal features with some casual plantings.
    You have a lovely weekend.


    1. I am glad you enjoyed the mansion and gardens Tatyana. You have a nice weekend too!

  2. Wow, what a place, imagine being a gardener there and being allowed to potter around every day – wouldn’t really feel like a job! Thanks for the tour, I enjoyed that :-)


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