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Garden Blogger's Bloom Day October 2012-Fall Garden

 It's Fall on Long Island and the colors are beautiful this year. The average daytime temperatures have dropped down into the 60's and there is a cool blustery wind. The seasons seem to be changing a lot quicker in 2012 and are a few weeks ahead of schedule as the trend continues.  Predictions are for a cold and snowy winter which may prove to be true as seen by the quickly changing conditions and abundant production of pine cones.   The changing colors of the fall garden are all around me.  Welcome to another Garden Blogger's Bloom Day.   Walk with me as we venture through my October garden.
Backyard Perennial Garden
The colors almost turned overnight this year with a plummet in temperatures from the mid seventies one day into the fifties the next and then a little frost just the other morning.   Astilbe, Daylily and Lamb's Ear have gone into Fall mode and Juniper 'Blue Star' is alongside them for some winter color along the backyard entrance.
Blue Star Juniper, Dwarf Fountain Grass and Weeping Norway Spruce
In the side garden, Dwarf Fountain Grass 'Hameln,' is showing off its wispy plumes next to the blue of the Juniper and burgundy of Heuchera 'Palace Purple'. A birdbath nestled in the garden invites local birds to stop and visit.
Spirea 'Gold Flame' and Dwarf Fountain Grass 'Hameln'
Walking along...the Spirea 'Gold Flame' is showing hues of burgundy and orange and is turning into a rainbow of color.
Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar, Barberry 'Rosy Glow', Dwarf Butterfly Bush, Gold Mop Cypress and Heuchera 'Caramel'
The Barberry 'Rosy Glow' takes on a fiery burgundy-red appearance next to the blue of the Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar and gold of the 'Gold Mop' Cypress (Chamaecyparis 'Gold Mop').  The dwarf Buddleia Lo & Behold Blue Chip is still producing bright purple blooms. I will still see an occasional butterfly and just the other day I caught a glimpse of a rare hummingbird as it stopped by my lantana tree (now inside), hovered by the butterfly bush then flew off!
Liriope 'Variegata'
I am enjoying my Liriope which is an old stable in the garden and producing its striking purple blooms followed by deep purple-black berries for winter. This plant is very hardy in zone 7 and goes nicely with just about anything.  It stays at about ten to twelve inches tall.
Montgomery Blue Spruce
As we stroll along we pass the patio garden...
Hinoki Cypress 'Aurea'
and now around to the pool.  Here is Hinoki Cypress 'Aurea' along with 'Yaku Jima' Maiden Grass in the background and Montgomery Blue Spruce in the foreground.
Blue Atlas Cedar Cones
Notice the abundant production of cones on my Blue Atlas Cedar.  Is this a sign of a harsh winter to come? 
Barberry 'Rosy Glow' Fall
Here is a close up of the Barberry 'Rosy Glow' along with 'Gold Mop' Cypress and a backdrop of Western Arborvitae 'Virescens' and 'Emerald Green'.
Knock Out Rose
The blooms on my Knock Out Roses are not ready to quit and continue to supply color in the garden.   I am glad to have added them two summers ago since they have given me so much joy.
Coral Bark Maple (Sangu Kaku)
In the front yard the Coral Bark Maple (Sangu Kaku) is starting to display its Fall colors. It will turn a bright golden-yellow as the weeks go on. I love the show this tree puts on.
Stachys (Lambs Ear) and Astilbe Fanal
 Keep the Fall color coming!
Perennial and Evergreen Garden
Here is a little more October color showing my perennial and evergreen garden...
Dwarf Maiden Grass 'Yaku JIma'
and now a close up of Dwarf Maiden Grass 'Yaku Jima'.  This type of Maiden Grass grows to about five to six feet and stays more compact than most.  It's large elongated plumes are so wispy!
Mugo Pine and Sedum 'Brilliant'
Here is a combination of Dwarf Mugo Pine and Sedum 'Brilliant' in the front yard.
Backyard Patio Garden
And here is another view of the backyard showing the evergreens in the backdrop and the gardens in the foreground.  The gardens wrap around the patio and then lead out to the pool area gardens which we visited earlier.
Blue Atlas Cedar, Mugo Pine and Sedum
Here is another view of the Dwarf Mugo Pine and Sedum along with the Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar in the backdrop.
Pinus strobus Globosa
And here is my newest addition...a Globe White Pine.   Its needles are delicate and soft and it grows to only about two to three feet in diameter maximum.  I am making sure it gets plenty of care as we head towards winter.
Fountain Grass
And as we head out towards the driveway here is my Weeping Norway Spruce (in the backdrop) along with Fountain Grasses as they display graceful plumes and bring in the Fall.   It is unknown what the winter will bring but for now I am enjoying the crispness in the air, the beautiful days and changing colors around me.

Thank you for strolling along with me in my zone 7 Long Island autumn garden.  I am so glad you could visit and please do visit our Garden Blogger's Bloom Day hostess Carol at May Dreams Gardens. Please leave a comment so that I know you dropped by and I will be sure to visit you as well!

As Always...Happy Gardening and Happy Garden Blogger's Bloom Day!

Author: Lee@A Guide To Northeastern Gardening, Copyright 2012. All rights reserved



  1. This garden is so nice and it was cared perfectly. Hope my garden will look like this too. Congratulations!

  2. What a colourful autumn garden you have! Loved all the big architectural plants you have, thanks for the walk-about :-)

  3. I am quite impressed with your plant combinations. It is obvious you considered color and texture when planning your beds. Your fall garden is lovely. Happy GBBD!

  4. The Hinoki is awesome. Really loving your use of conifers throughout. I bet every month at your place is sensational.

  5. I really love the fountain grass. I am definitely amazed by their beauty. You certainly have a very beautiful garden. Nice post!

  6. Oh, my, such color! And such structure. I am green with envy over your garden.

  7. The combination of the weeping blue atlas cedar and the barberry is just beautiful! I'd like to transplant that entire bed into my garden--lovely. Happy GBBD!

  8. I've been visiting some lovely gardens this GBBD and yours is no exception. hope you are wrong about the coming winter - in all honesty (I grew up in NYC but live in upstate NY) I could do with another non-snowy winter. Love your fall color. Happy GBBD!

  9. I wish I could grow more conifers here. Your garden looks great.

  10. Your garden looks absolutely wonderful, so absolutely perfect for the season...and the grasses...oh my!

  11. Hi Lee,
    You have a nice large area to fill in with plants. I enjoyed seeing what's going on this fall there.

    We were having some nice mild weather for a couple weeks, but it is now very windy, and is supposed to get cooler again.

    Thanks for your comment on my curb beds.

  12. Hi Lee
    Your garden is a delight!! Excellent selection of plants and the placement of them has insured "4 season beauty". There is still so much to see and it's already so late in the year. You've done a terrific job.


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