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Announcing "A Little Garden Music...and Art" Self-Guided Tour June 16, 2018

2018 Garden Tour
Every other year the local garden club presents its garden tour, "A Little Garden Music", hosted by the Sayville Garden Club and BAFFA (Bay Area Friends of the Fine Arts). Back in 2010, our gardens were invited as a participant on the tour and we have been invited once again for the upcoming June 16th event! During the self-guided tour, participants have the opportunity to visit six private gardens, not normally accessible to the public. Each garden is unique and reflects the personality of its creator. Gardens are combined with the local arts, as artists are present on each site with music playing in the background, all combined to make for a delightful day of garden touring. 
Back Perennial Border  First Week in June
Here is a little bit about the hosts. The Sayville Garden Club was established in 1927 and members work together to beautify the community, raise environmental awareness and develop an appreciation for horticulture.  Each member is dedicated to  keeping local gardens beautiful and contributing their time to the community. Meetings are seasonal and local events are also attended by members.
Knock Out Rose Radrazz
BAFFA (Bay Area Friends of the Fine Arts) was founded in 1968 by a small group of local residents and has grown to be well known for its appreciation for the arts and contributions to the community through art and music. They are known to host various community events to be enjoyed by the public. Art exhibitions are held at the Gillette House on Gillette Avenue, Sayville. The works of local artists are selected and organized into shows, where they can be viewed and enjoyed by visitors.
Peony Karl Rosenfeld and Salvia 'May Night'
We have been diligently working on the gardens preparing them for our welcomed guests! We are elated to have been selected for this tour once again and are looking forward to sharing our property and knowledge of horticulture with others. The above was a just a little preview of our gardens that we hope others will enjoy. For more information on the Sayville Garden Tour, see this article from the Sayville Patch. Hope to see you there!

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  1. How very lovely! How I wish I could come! P. x

  2. Beautiful. I haven't been on Long Island for years. It can't be this year, but I'll be making plans for the future. Alana

    1. Thank you Alana. You should come and visit! We have lots of wonderful gardens here.

  3. If I could visit the gardens, Lee...
    I think your garden is the best one, truly.
    Have a nice new week!


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