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Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day & Foliage Follow-Up January 2020: New Year and Anticipation!

January 2020 Garden
Welcome to a brand new year filled with gardening anticipation. I am a true believer that the gardening year ends on December 31st. and starts on January 1st. with a dream! Similar to last year, this is one of the mildest January's I can remember with some days in the 50's and warm enough to go outside without a winter coat. There are other days in the lower digits of course, with a dusting of snow on the 8th, but the milder days leave me dreaming more about spring and what awaits outdoors. Come along and see what January has to bring in my Long Island garden.
Evergreens Backyard Northwestern bed
As we start our stroll, here is the northwestern poolside bed with Weeping Norway Spruce (center) and Dwarf White Pine (foreground). In the backdrop are Emerald Green Arborvitae (right) and Gold Lace Juniper, Skip Laurel (left) and spring blooming Kousa Dogwood to the right of the shed. There are some low spreading 'Repandens' Yew to the far left by the patio.
It's all about the Foliage!
Closer towards the main patio is a grafted Blue Globe Spruce with Gold Mop Cypress, Blue Star Juniper and Dwarf Mugo Pine 'Slowmound'. We are looking at this garden bed from an angle, which is a different perspective than usual. I love how the garden can change with just the slightest alteration of view. 
Dried Hydrangea Blooms January
Hydrangea are a favorite flower for summer. I enjoy seeing the dried blooms in winter and sometimes use them in floral displays.
Garden Whimsy
One could use a little garden whimsy in every season. Here is one of my favorite statues reminding me of childhood. It looks like I'll be applying a new coat of paint in the spring!
Crape Myrtle 'Sioux' Bark in Winter
Around to the other side of the backyard is the peeling bark of Crape Myrtle, which adds just a little more interest to the winter garden.
Shade Garden
The wintering birds have been enjoying the feeder under the canopy of the Star Magnolia. The shade area directly beneath the Magnolia tree is the perfect place for evergreens such as Leucothoe Auxillaris, Variegated Boxwood and Golden Sweet Flag.
Winter Foliage Combination
As you may know, this is one of my favorite foliage combinations, that of Heuchera 'Caramel' and Golden Japanese Sedge 'Everillo'. It works through all four seasons.
Nellie Stevens Berries Winter
Nellie Stevens Holly is displaying its bright red berries for winter, which are also a food source for birds.
Magnolia Buds!
Here is the Magnolia 'Royal Star' we passed by just a few minutes ago for a closer look. It starts to form the buds for next year in January, which really is a tease for the blooms to come.
Back Pool Garden-Southwestern Side
Behind the pool area is the burgundy winter foliage of Azalea bordering each side of the Skyland's Oriental Spruce, which I added a couple of years ago. Rhododendron is to the right with Caramel Coral Bells and Golden Sedge in the foreground.
Oriental Spruce Foliage Up Close
The foliage on the Skyland's Spruce deserves a closer view. Its golden color can be enjoyed all year round.
Winter Visitor
It is often difficult to get a capture of some of the visitors to the property. This one was easy, as I had accidentally dropped some seed right by the back door on my way to fill the feeder. This little guy found the seed and was enjoying it so much that he couldn't care less that I was there!
Winter Decor
Follow me around to the front of the property to get a view. I had been looking for a gate sign like this one for a couple of years with the red pick up truck and tree and found it...such fun! 
Front Eastern Garden
Around to the southeastern side of the front property is a view of the garden from another perspective. The glowing tree behind the Weeping Norway Spruce is the Coral Bark Maple (Acer Sango Kaku). There's something about the lighting this day that makes it appear more purple than pinkish red, so this is a rare sight.
Front Southeastern Garden
Here is the same island bed from a different direction and angle facing the northern side of the property. In the backdrop are Weeping Japanese Maple and Blue Atlas Cedar.
Weeping White Pine
Also around the front is Weeping White Pine. This one is over twenty five years old. That is Golden Japanese Sedge below it.
Weeping White Pine Seed Cone Winter
I always admire the seed cones from this tree, which are so decorative.
Front Walkway
Along the walkway is another view of the Coral Bark Maple with Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar and Golden Euonymus. There is also Variegated Sweet Flag along the right side of the path in the foreground. On the left is Japanese Garden Juniper and Variegated Liriope.
Hellebore 'Shooting Star' Buds on North Side
There can be blooms in winter and Hellebores are forming their buds! They should be blooming within the next month! 
Thanksgiving Cactus
While anticipating the winter blooms outside, the Thanksgiving cactus is blooming inside and has been blooming on and off for the past three months. Here is a tip: You can tell the difference between a Thanksgiving Cactus and Christmas Cactus by looking at the leaves. Thanksgiving Cactus leaves are serrated and pointed while Christmas Cactus leaves are more smooth and rounded.
Phalanges orchid
Also blooming indoors is this Phalanges Orchid. Tip: I grow my orchids in a bark medium and water them every other week. I give them 4 ounces of  purified (chlorine free) water per plant. Feeding occurs every 2-4 weeks when not flowering.
January 2020 Garden
Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoyed your tour of my January garden! Special thanks go out to our hostess Carol at May Dreams Gardens, who makes it possible to see blooms on the 15th of every month with her meme Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. Also, special thanks to Pam Penick at Digging who has hosted Foliage Follow-Up for all these years, a meme I will still continue to honor. I am also linking with some other wonderful hosts and hostesses at Floral Friday Fotos, Macro Monday 2, Mosaic Monday at Letting Go of the Bay Leaf, Nature Notes at Rambling WoodsDishing It & Digging It on Sunday with Angie the Freckled RoseImage-in-ing weekly photo share every Tuesday with NC Sue and Gardens Galore Link Up Party every other Monday with Everyday Living. I am also happy to join the Homestead Blog Hop  and Weekly Photo Link-Up at My Corner of the World on Wednesdays.

"Every gardener knows that under the cloak of winter lies a miracle ... a seed waiting to sprout, a bulb opening to the light, a bud straining to unfurl. And the anticipation nurtures our dream."- Barbara Winkler
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  1. I always find beauty here...Made my day!Hugs!

  2. Beautiful cactus! Love seeing all the evergreens!
    Wish I had thought to photograph my Crape Myrtle tree trunks to add to my post today - they do add color, especially in the winter.
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

    1. Thank you Lea! Your photos really show the cold of winter and the Great Blue Heron and hawk are wonderful! The ice is making me chilly!

  3. I love the foliage contrasts in your garden, Lee. That Blue Globe spruce is a show-shopper!

    1. Thank you so much Kris. It is important for me to have foliage that lasts throughout the colder months. It's so nice seeing you work in your garden in January. I just keep gazing out the window contemplating spring, even through it's balmy in the 40'S!!!

  4. That is one lovely intricate foliage plants ...your Thanksgiving cactus has lot of blooms...even mine has just started showing some buds now...Happy blogger blooms day.

    1. Thank you Arun and a Happy Bloom Day to you too. Enjoy your Thanksgiving cactus blooms. They are such fun.

  5. Love your garden shots. Especially that cute visitor on your property!

    1. I am glad you enjoyed the views Veronica and a Happy Chinese New Year to you!

  6. What wonderful beauty, even in winter! That spruce is quite interesting and I really like the added decorations a lot :)

    I'm glad you joined us at 'My Corner of the World'!

    My Corner of the World

    1. Thank you for your kind words and for hosting Betty. I enjoyed your heartwarming post about the good people in the world!

  7. What a great the greenery and the shot of the pine cones. Enjoyed my stroll through your garden...and can't wait to see it in the Spring. :)

    1. Thank you so much and thank you for visiting my blog. I love your photography and artwork!

  8. Dear Lee,
    I love your winter photos. Although there is no snow your garden is pretty. The Golden Japanese Sedge and White weeping pine are amazing, and your winter visitor enjoys your garden feeder.
    Happy weekend.

    1. Your photographs are so lovely with such pretty blooms on a winters day. Thank you for the smile Nadezda!

  9. I always enjoy shots of your magnificent Star Magnolia tree and winter is no exception with its beautiful bark, bird feeder, and buds. We have experienced some mild weather too, but your garden is way ahead of mine. What zone are you? Looking forward to another great gardening year. P. x

    1. Hi Pam! I enjoyed seeing your summer and winter gardening projects and the sharing of your passion with others. I am in zone 7a. The shot of the Magnolia buds was taken very close up. They are only about 1/4-1/2 inch in length right now. Have a great weekend!

  10. Ormai mi ripeto! Quella Picea orientalis gialla la amo! Come del resto tutto il tuo giardino :D

    Buona serata e buona settimana :)

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed the photos Gabriel. The Picea orientalis is a very special tree and does give so much joy. Have a wonderful day!

  11. que fotos mas bonitas, la de la ardilla es muy bonita, que chulo

    1. Thank you and thank you so much for visiting. The squirrel was very cooperative in posing for the photo! Enjoy your day!


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