Monday, February 1, 2021

Book Launching-Introducing Gardening by Month

Book Launching!
While the world has been in disarray, I have been spending more time in the garden than ever and decided to put some of my energy into writing again. I had been working on a personal reference for some time, which took off by storm during the pandemic. I had done research trying to find a gardening book that listed plant interest by month, and after much searching, I could not find anything that would do just that. There are references that list plants in alphabetical order or by type, but the search came up short when looking for interesting features by month. This resulted in my fourth book. 
Book Announcement!

I am very excited to announce the publication of Gardening by Month: A Monthly Guide to Planning the Northeastern & Mid-Atlantic Garden. As a landscape designer for over 25 years, my focus always is to create a garden that has something of interest twelve months a year. I have added elements that focus on blooms, bark, berries or foliage to my own garden over the years to create something to look forward to during every season, and I now have a 12-month garden to enjoy. I have created this book so that you too can experience continuing interest in your space throughout every month of the year.

Book Description
Have you ever wondered if you could have interest in the garden twelve months a year? The answer is a definitive yes!  Through years of experience as a landscape designer, I have accumulated a list of plants which are hardy in the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic regions that will provide ongoing interest for your outdoor space. Gardening by Month: A Monthly Guide to Planning the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic Garden will take you on a journey through each month of the year, while providing that perfect mix of gardening interest along the way. Colorful photographs are followed by descriptions of each plant according to bloom time, foliage color or other notable characteristics, so that you can enjoy your outdoor space during every season. Additionally, environmental needs, plant care and maintenance tips are provided for each selection with any other important information. Finally, gardening tips and a summary of gardening chores are provided for each month. Are you ready for a twelve-month interest garden? Then come along and plan away!
  • Organizes plant interest by month for easy reference. 
  • Plan with over 120 plant selections to choose from. 
  • Colorful photographs are supplied with plant descriptions and care requirements. 
  • Monthly gardening chores are suggested for each month.
  • Plant maintenance and care tips are recommended to help you maintain a healthy garden. 
  • Helpful pointers on soil types, characteristics and identification are given.
  • Achieve the 12 month all season garden you have been looking for. 
So, now it is official and the Look Inside features are up and running, so you can get an idea of the book’s layout. I was also honored to be a guest on the Better Lawns and Gardens Radio Talk Show to discuss this newest book, along with offering some landscape design tips! Follow the link to listen to the interview and learn about my gardening adventures, and afterwards, come by and check out the new book!😊 That’s it for This Month in the Garden. Be sure to visit on the 1st and 15th of each month for gardening news, tips and updates in the horticultural world!

For book details and purchase, visit My Author Page & Books and thank you for your support.

Anyone who thinks gardening begins in the spring and ends in the fall is missing the best part of the year; for gardening begins in January and ends with the dream.” ~Josephine Nuesse 

~As Always...Happy Gardening! ~

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  1. Congratulation for your latest book! Good luck!

    1. Thank you so much Endah! I am so sorry to hear about your tree but happy to see that you have some babies to nurture and grow. Stay well.

  2. Wonderful! I've ordered it, and am really looking forward to using it to plan updates to my Baltimore, MD 1/2 acre suburban landscape!

    1. Thank you Jenny! I hope you enjoy my book and find it to be useful. You can have 12-month interest in the garden!

  3. Eu desde pequena que amo flores!
    Jarros, Túlipas, Brincos de Princesa, Rosas, Dálias, Cravos, tantas e mais algumas!
    Que o seu livro deixe de ser um sonho e passe para os leitores uma linda realidade!
    Um grande beijinho!
    Megy Maia🌺💜🌺

    1. Thank you for your kind words Megy. Flowers have always had a way of brightening my life too, ever since I was young.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Louca. I am hoping that it will help many with their gardens.

  5. It looks amazing, Lee. Congratulations and best wishes. P.x

    1. Thank you so much Pam! I am very excited about this one and hope that it will help many with planning their gardens!

  6. Your book cover and your photo looks interesting, Lee.
    Congratulation on this edition!

    1. Thank you Nadezda! It’s always a pleasure to hear from you and I appreciate your kind words.


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