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This Month in the Garden: Welcome LI Master Gardeners!-May 18th. Garden Tour

LI Master Gardeners Tour

Welcome to This Month in the Garden! The month of May was an exciting time here in my Long Island garden as the tour that had been planned before co-vid by the Long Island Master Gardeners had finally taken place. The Long Island Master Gardeners (LIMG) is a non-profit organization dedicated to uniting those interested in gardening while educating its members and the public about the importance of horticulture. The organization is involved in the improvement of the surrounding communities of Long Island in the establishment and/or maintenance of public gardens and runs regular monthly meetings for its members. After a long time of planning, the morning of May 18th ended up being one of the nicest days we have had with blue skies and comfortable temperatures for visitors to enjoy a tour of my  personal property here in zone 7. The weather had been cool, but a few blooms opened just in time for viewers passing by.
Greeting the Visitors

Chat and Breakfast Time
More Garden Chat & The Tour Begins!

Front Island Bed
The front island bed consists of a Weeping Norway Spruce as the focal point, with dwarf Cryptomeria, Dwarf Norway Spruce, Slowmound Mugo Pine, Osmanthus, Hosta, Spirea, Dwarf Japanese Andromeda and Anna's Magic Ball Arborvitae.
Front Lawn
Two Weeping Japanese Maple trees are along the front street, Acer Acer palmatum dissectum 'Tamukeyama' and Acer palmatum dissectum 'Viridis'. Each one is now approximately 7-8' feet tall.
Front Lawn & Walkway
Here I tell visitors the story of how I brought home this Blue Atlas Cedar in the back seat of a Ford Probe back when I first started off as a landscape designer. It was five foot tall back then and now reaches over 30 feet.
Patio Herb Garden Rosemary Blooms!
The Rosemary bush along the back patio was blooming for visitors to see...
Back Patio (False Indigo)

and Baptisia (False Indigo) was blooming as well.
Back Pool Area (Allium Globemaster)
Here is Allium 'Globemaster' blooming for the month of May. Behind the Allium is Spirea 'Limemound'. The Allium is surrounded by Daylily so that when the lower leaves of the ornamental onion die back, the foliage of the Daylily camouflages it.
Back Island Bed
Along the back island bed is Crape Myrtle 'Sioux', Juniperus 'Gold Lace' and Hinoki Cypress 'Compacta', with Blue Globe Spruce in the foreground along the back walkway.
Shade Garden
In the back shade part of the garden, Rhododendron and Azalea are in bloom...
Pool Garden
and here is a broad view of the back lawn.
Patio Garden
Here we are by the patio garden discussing the care of Japanese Golden Sedge, Osmanthus and Salvia...
Plant Talk!
and the plant talk continues...
The Tour Continues-Question/Answer Time

Gardening News & Wrap Up
I hope you enjoyed This Month in the Garden! I was honored to be selected to show my property and enjoyed every moment chatting about plants with like minded individuals! Be sure to stop by on the 1st. and 15th. of each month as I continue to share gardening tips, information and horticultural adventures! 
May 18th. Garden Tour

🌳Visit the Long Island Master Gardeners website for more information.


  1. I know that had to be extremely rewarding to be able to share your beautiful grounds with like minds, Lee. I love your t-shirt too.

    1. Thank you Rita! The day was amazing and the t-shirt says it all!

  2. What an honor, to have visitors touring your garden! Were you nervous while doing all the prep work?

    1. The whole experience was wonderful and the only thing I worry about is possibly missing a weed that sprung up overnight!

  3. How nice to see guests in the garden and tell them about the history of the garden and plants. Lee, it's an honor to show your garden and of course the guests loved it.

    1. It is very satisfying Nadezda and sharing with others only makes what I do even more meaningful.

  4. Lovely in all directions! Your visitors were lucky to spend time with you in your garden.


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