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Garden Bloggers Bloom Day January 2012

The weather has been pretty mild so far but we are now feeling the cold as the temperature plummets to a chilly 27 degrees.   My zone 7 Long Island garden is in winter mode and just the bare bones are present.  One of the nice elements of winter is that the season supplies some down time to walk around the garden and take inventory.   I am already getting ideas for next season and the imagination is running wild.  It's only January and this gardener is already looking forward to next season with great enthusiasm.  As many a gardener may agree... gardening can go on all year....plan all winter and embellish all spring, summer and fall!

Winter is  a very good time to plan  the "foundation" of the landscape.  While gazing out my window on a cold winter's day a few years ago I came up with the idea for this crab orchard walkway.  It replaced an old cement pathway leading up to the front doorway that had lost its charm and did not have as many curves as the new updated version.  The new walkway gives a little element of surprise as it winds around the garden bends on the way to the front door.

Our stone walkway is surrounded by evergreen shrubs and sedges along with clusters of yellow, purple and pink perennials that bloom in the spring.  On the right there is a Weeping White Birch and down a way is a Weeping White Pine along with more evergreen shrubs.                             
Montgomery Globe Spruce
One aspect that I really do enjoy about gardening is incorporating many colorful evergreens. They are especially appreciated in the winter months when other shrubs and perennials become dormant. Here is one of my favorites...a Montgomery Globe Spruce.  

                     *  *  *

Montgomery Globe Spruce is a dwarf conifer that grows only to two to three feet in diameter and keeps its vibrant silvery-blue color all year round.  There are so many beautiful evergreens that are not at all green that can be brought into the garden. 

Some of the other evergreens that I enjoy are Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar, Weeping White Pine, Gold Spot Euonymus and Boxwood 'Wintergem' (pictured here).  I also have a special affection for my Picea orientalis 'Skyland' Yellow Oriental Spruce  (first photograph above front left) and Golden Hinoki Cypress (first photograph above front right).  Their golden hue is even more prominent in winter.

The berry producing plants such as holly, viburnum and this Nandina domestica (heavenly bamboo) are interesting at this time of year and the foliage stays evergreen as well.  I have had this Nandina domestica 'Gulf Stream' for many years now and it just keeps getting more interesting year after year.

Here in the backyard along my patio is a Weeping Pussy Willow along with Gold Mop Cypress, Blue Star Juniper, 'Repandens'  Spreading Yew and Barberry.   The crab orchard stone path leads from the patio to the back lawn.  In the summertime I like to sit out on my patio and gaze at this particular part of the garden.  For now I'll just dream about the peony, daylilies and purple salvia that will emerge in spring but at least there are my evergreens.


It wouldn't be the same if garden gal wasn't in the picture so here she is enjoying her mondo grass planter.

I found Garden gal in the local nursery years ago and she has been my whimsey in the garden ever since.  When I was about five I wore a hat just like hers and probably carried the basket of flowers to match.  She reminds me of myself...always a gardener at heart.


Pictured here is our pool covered up for winter and surrounding gardens. Again just the "bare bones" but the evergreens give something to look at through the back window.  I have  a feeling that it won't be long now until this poolscape is covered in snow since the temperatures are dropping. 

The back perennial garden sleeps.  When April arrives there will be various blooming bulbs including crocus, tulips and hyancinths.  Perennials such as coral bells, daylilies and balloon flower along with ornamental grasses and  evergreens will emerge later on.

Here the 'Star' Magnolia is forming its soft white flower buds for spring...

and the graceful Weeping Japanese Maple is showing its artistic framework...

As the sun lowers towards the horizon another day has passed, and the garden rests.

Much thanks to our hostess Carol at May Dreams Gardens for another Garden Blogger's Bloom Day. I hope you have enjoyed my January garden. Please be sure to stop by and visit our hostess for more January blooms around the world.   As always...Happy Gardening!

One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it provides. ~W.E. Johns

Author:Lee@ A Guide To Northeastern Gardening Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved


  1. Very many pretty views in your garden, Lee. The garden structure makes a beautiful winter scene with all the sculptural trees and shrubs.We finally got some snow, but it will be near fifty by midweek again. Strange NY weather.

  2. Love all your evergreens! And I love the way you've mixed the yellow ones in with the green ones. Those weeping trees are fabulous! I'll have to add a weeper to my garden now! Happy GBBD!

  3. What an exceptionally beautiful landscape... congratulations on a spectacular achievement! Larry

  4. I love your Garden Gal. And your evergreens. I hope you have a much milder weather out on Long Island (I'm a native of NYC) than last year, and that your snow holds off a little longer. (we do have snow now in upstate NY and winter has finally settled in.) Happy GBBD; you have beautiful landscaping.

  5. The bare bones of winter has a whole new meaning when you have so many conifers. I am really weak in that area although I do have many wintergreen perennials. Nice post for GBBD.

  6. We have been pretty lucky with a milder winter here so far but I think we're in for some cold now. Thanks for all your nice comments. I have taken a liking to an assortment of different sorts of evergreens...can't seem to get enough with all the varieties that are available! Happy GBBD!

  7. Dear Lee, Your January garden is really lovely. Congratulations on achieving such perfection. Happy GBBD. P. x

  8. Even with winter your garden has so much to look at. You can tell that you've spent a lot of time thinking about being sure it has good bones. Any flowers later in the year will only enhance how great it looks now! Happy Bloomday!

  9. Every month I pick up one or two new Blogs and this month I have chosen yours. Like some of the principles you have incorporated in your garden. I too have developed some principles that I find helpful in planning and executing the garden spaces here along Lake Michigan. Simple ideas to make the garden be its best. Glad to have visited. jack

  10. Welcome to Blotanical, excellent and interesting blog, very good work

    Un Saludo

  11. Great to see such an array of conifers - they really make the winter garden so interesting.

  12. Beautiful gardens even in the middle of winter down to the bare bones (I just did a post called just that... The Bare Bones). Love all the evergreens/conifers in your garden, too! I say amen to your sidebar note about proper planting of trees!!! So often I see them planted too deeply. I try to educate folks on the correct way to plant. Enjoying your blog so far and will check back. Happy blogging!

  13. What wonderful landscaping you have and such a tidy garden. It has inspired me to go out and tidy my garden a bit! All the best, Kelli, Northern Ireland.

  14. I love it when Garden Bloggers Bloom Day lands on a weekend, when there's plenty of time to take stock of what's going on.

  15. Lovely Post, Lee. You're right, winter is the best time to visualize and to brainstorm for a great garden design. Most gardeners share the same habit because you can hardly plant anything during winter, unless you maintain an winter lawn and you have cold-resistant plants.

    Stunning photos!


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