Saturday, February 9, 2013

Garden Photography Close-Up with the Nikon P510

Amaryllis with Nikon P510

We are snowed in here on Long Island with 19.8 inches and 3 foot drifts so I thought I would try out my new camera from the window. The camera I am using is the Nikon Coolpix P510 with 42X Zoom Lens. I mainly use my Canon Rebel EOS for all the photographs on this blog but was looking for an additional camera for taking close ups that would give me additional sharpness. I have only had this camera for a few days and am impressed with it so far. The first photograph is of my Amaryllis plant on the windowsill with the snow in the backdrop. The only enhancement done on this was a border added. I have been wanting to get a photograph of this bloom for several weeks now and this was a good opportunity.
Knock Out Rose in Winter's Snow
Today I tried a second photograph of my snow covered Knock Out Roses through the side window with the snow in the backdrop.  The lines you see in the background were not from editing but rather from the screens in the window.  The snow in the backdrop has been providing the advantage of a clean white canvas. 
Azalea Close-Up with Nikon P510
I was actually able to venture out to the back patio to take a photograph of this distant Azalea poking up through the snow.The photograph was taken from about 15 feet with the optical zoom. I am finding that it is actually better to be a little further away to zoom in and get clarity. I am still learning with the new camera.
Amaryllis Cropped Photo Close Up of Flower
Lastly, here is a cropped view of the original Amaryllis photograph to see how the clarity turns out.  The resolution of the pictures on the new camera is higher allowing me a little more play with the originals.
The point-and-shoot cameras have come a long way and I am finding that I can zoom from quite a distance and get clear shots.  Hope you enjoy the photos and for those of you snowed in...keep warm. I hope to venture back outside real soon and get more practice! This taking photos from the window is not an easy task and as soon as the plow gets here I'm out! If you would like to check out some excellent photography visit Donna at Garden Walk Garden Talk.  Thanks to Donna for writing an entry about the Nikon camera and recommending it!

As Always...Happy Gardening!

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  1. Lee-your photographs with the new camera are stunning. I especially love the last amaryllis close-up. Hope you were able to get dug out!

  2. Thank you Donna for your kind comment. We are finally dug out and I am able to go outside to practice some more with the camera. There's a learning curve but I am getting used to it. Thanks for visiting!

  3. Hi Lee
    You are doing really well with a brand new camera! The pictures are super!! I too have a Nikon and find that it takes great pictures. I've had it for awhile but still need to sit down one day and really read the manual. I'm sure it can do more things than i know!
    Best of luck with it - results so far are great.
    And best of luck digging out. We got about a third of the snow you did but I still feel your pain :(

  4. Your new camera is doing a great job, Lee. That Amaryllis photo is gorgeous. The Azalea really is pretty too, although with the colors, I was not sure what was the plant. I bet you were amazed at the macro ability of this camera, I know I was! Thanks for the shout out too.

  5. Thank you Astrid and Donna. I know there are a lot of settings on the Nikon and it will take some practicing to figure them all out. It seems like this camera has a lot of capabilites and yes...the macro ability is amazing! The sky was almost too blue in the background of the Azalea shot so when I re-sized it I hit color balance-Donna you have a good eye for picking up on that:)


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