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Garden Bloggers Bloom Day July 2013: Long Island Garden

July 2013 Garden
Welcome to my Long Island garden!  After a week of rain followed by a heat wave of 90 degree temperatures the gardens are back on track with last year. It was a slow start to spring and summer this year but the gardens have recovered and are bursting with color.  It is time for another Garden Blogger's Bloom Day. Come stroll along with me to see what is blooming.
The hostas are doing exceptionally well this year. Above is the flower from a 'Golden Tiara' and below is my newest addition 'Maui Buttercups', a miniature variety with lime foliage that stays small and compact.  I also couldn't resist it for the name since I love the island of Maui in Hawaii!
Hosta 'Maui Buttercups'
The Endless Summer Hydrangea in the backyard are full of blooms...
Endless Summer Hydrangea
as well as the coreopsis and nepeta at the front entry to the driveway. 
Nepeta 'Walkers Low' and Coreopsis 'Zagreb'
I rejuvenated the Coreopsis this spring digging it up and placing it back into little clumps.  There is nothing like a little revamping here and there to get the gardens back in shape and I think the Coreopsis are benefiting from it.  They are looking much fuller and brighter now. 
Coreopsis 'Zagreb'
I have already deadheaded my salvia and it is going on its second round of purple blooms. 
Salvia 'May Night'
The Astilbe 'Visions' are now in bloom.  I had added this variety last summer and am enjoying its vibrant color. 
Astilbe 'Visions'
Here are my Lilies that are presently blooming by the pool...
Daylily 'Stella D' Oro'
 There are 'Stella D Oro'...
Hemerocallis 'Pardon Me'
'Pardon Me'...'Sammy Russell' and Oriental Lily-
Lilium 'Casa Blanca'.  The 'Casa Blanca' is actually ahead of schedule this year by about one to two weeks.
Hemerocallis 'Sammy Russell'

Oriental Lily (Lilium 'Casa Blanca')

I have been on a new mission getting as many Heuchera 'Caramel' as I can into the gardens. I love this variety of Coral Bells for their bright caramel foliage and ability to thrive just about anywhere. They even take full sun which is amazing. Here they are on the front island berm along with the traditional 'Palace Purple' Heuchera.

Heuchera (Coral Bells) 'Caramel' and 'Palace Purple'
Come take a look at the pool area.  On one side of the waterfall is a shady area where I had planted a few Japanese Painted fern which are filling in nicely.  I recently added the three 'Loyalist' hosta in the backdrop and am enjoying the foliage combination of the two plants together.
Japanese Painted Fern & Hosta 'Loyalist'
The Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola' (Japanese Forest Grass) is also thriving in the other shade area to the right of the pool...
Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola'
and last but not least the new Sedum 'Dragon's Blood' planted from last summer is showing off its vibrant deep pink blooms in front of garden gal and boy. 
Sedum 'Dragon's Blood'
Thank you for visiting my Long Island garden and please visit our hostess Carol at May Dreams Gardens to see what others have blooming for the month of July.  I hope you enjoyed the stroll.  If you like leave a note to let me know you visited and I will be sure to visit you as well. 
As Always...Happy Gardening!

Author: Lee@A Guide To Northeastern Gardening, Copyright 2013. All rights reserved


  1. Thanks for the stroll around your garden! I loved the little statue of the boy and girl, so pretty :-)
    I am a big fan of heucheras too, but had to get rid of all mine this spring when I bought some new ones which came with disease from a nursery. I have to wait until next year to start collecting again. So unfortunate, the nursery gave me free plants as a replacement for the ones I bought, but not for the ones I already had, pretty sad to throw them out. Loved your daylilies too, can’t get enough of them and will buy some more for my garden this autumn. Hope you have just as lovely summer weather as we have over here, have a great week, take care, Helene.

  2. I too would be getting in more Heuchera but they don't grow as well on my property. I think they don't like the heavy clay. I plant them at client properties and they grow like weeds.I love your lilies. The colors really pop. Happy Bloom Day Lee. It is always blooming pretty on LI.

  3. Happy GBBD. Do you ever have issues with blackspot on your hydrangeas? Here it has been raining, constantly and the humidity is incredible. Just wondering if it is my lack of care or the weather that does it.

  4. lovely to see your garden again. I'm a heucheraholic too Lee and I can't have enough of them in the garden. I'm about to dig out my H. Stella D' Oro' all mine ever seems to do is grow leaves ... which wilted in our unusual summer heat last wee. For the size of clumps I have I got 1 flowering stem while the daylilies nearby have loads of stems with buds. I know that some daylilies much prefer usa locations rather than uk ones and was wondering if that particular one has special requirements?

  5. Hi Lee
    Wow! Your garden is a beauty!! So many lovely plants in bloom. And it's so true that splitting plants up benefits both the plant and the look of borders. Happy GBBD!

  6. Here's to all the fellow heucheraholics out there-love those Coral Bells!!! Janie-I have an arborist spray my hydrangeas with a fungicide which really helps especially in our humid climate. Rosie-the Stella's are pretty hardy here. If they are not flowering it has to be something with the soil (maybe feed them) or maybe the clumps just got too big. Try dividing them early next spring and see what happens. Also for now you can rejuvinate them completely by cutting them all the way back and letting them re-sprout. Thank you everyone for visiting and I am enjoying all your blooms as well!

  7. Your garden is gorgeous, so beautiful and full of great flowers.

    Happy GBBD!

  8. Your garden looks so lush and happy! Our Lilies also seem to be 2-3 weeks ahead of where they normally are.

  9. Very pretty garden. I need to separate my Coreopsis as well; perhaps early this fall. I wish I could grow hostas, but the space in my yard where they would do best is right in the middle of a deer highway! Long Island really has such a nice climate for gardening!


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