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Garden Blogger's Bloom Day September 2012

      Welcome to my garden in September as late blooms emerge and foliage transforms into a beautiful array of color.  Welcome to Garden Blogger's Bloom Day September 2012...a time when gardeners from around the world get to appreciate what's blooming next door.  Stroll along with me as we visit my zone 7 Long Island garden.

Dwarf Butterfly Bush Lo & Behold 'Blue Chip'

 Dwarf Butterfly Bush Lo & Behold 'Blue Chip'  and Red Knock Out Roses are still in their glory with blooms throughout the entire summer and well into fall until the first frost.  In the backdrop are Arborvitae 'Emerald Green', Barberry 'Rosy Glow', Gold Mop Cypress and Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar.

Dwarf Butterfly Bush (left) & Knock Out Roses (right)

Below is Sedum 'Brilliant' which starts its show now in September and blooms throughout Fall.  Even after it is done blooming the spend seed heads will look great in the garden and attract birds.  I have taken on a whole new liking to Sedum this season with additions of many new varieties to the garden The colors still change as the blooms mature.

Sedum 'Brilliant'-early blooms
Sedum 'Brilliant'-mature blooms
I have enjoyed my Nandina Domestica (Heavenly Bamboo) for many years now and look forward to its wonderful purple-red berries in late summer and Fall.   Here it is below.  The berries also attract birds to the garden.
Nandina domestica (Heavenly Bamboo)
As we stroll along we pass by a new friend who watches over the garden... 
Garden Cat
and fits in just purr-fectly!
Liriope (Lillyturf)
The Liriope is putting on a show with its bright purple flower spikes... 
Verbena 'Homestead Purple'
and brand new to the garden this September is perennial Verbena 'Homestead Purple'.  This perennial flowers from summer until frost with vibrant purple blooms and keeps its semi-evergreen foliage.  I have been wanting this one for some time now and have found a spot for it right along the front walkway to enjoy.
Hydrangea 'Tardivia'
My 'Tardivia' Hydrangea tree with its fragrant blooms has grown to be quite a specimen on the northeast side of the property. Its blooms are a welcome sight in late summer.

Hinoki Cypress 'Crippsi' & 'Patriot' Hosta
I recently added this Hinoki Cypress 'Crippsi' (center).  I am really enjoying it and hoping that it does well in its new home!  The foliage is so delicate and I love the golden color especially next to the 'Patriot' hosta.  
Crape Myrtle'Tuscarora' Bloom

The color on the Crape Myrtles is much deeper this year probably due to the span of hot weather and then moisture that really made them pop. Pictured here is Lagerstroemia 'Tuscarora' in full bloom.
Front Entrance Path
As we walk along the walkway to the front of the house the garden is showing signs of Fall.  The Birch trees are losing leaves but already pushing out new buds for next year.  The evergreens will supply color throughout the winter months.
Dwarf Fountain Grass 'Hameln'

One thing I always admire in September are the delicate wispy plumes of the dwarf fountain grass as they sway in the wind.  It is a sign of summer past as the seasons are changing in here in the northeast.  
Heuchera 'Caramel' (Coral Bells)
The Heuchera 'Caramel' (Coral Bells) new last summer are thriving and deepen in color as they bring in the cooler weather. They have really proven themselves in this gardener's garden with rich changing color all season long.
Perennial Border (Backyard)
The evergreen and perennial garden I have had for years is really filling out nicely.  The old reliable Lamb's Ear really adds a touch of white to add some contrast and dimension to the border.  I also added Salvia 'Maynight' for some additional late summer color. 
'Stella D Oro' Daylily Still in Bloom
 Here Daylily 'Stella D Oro' displays brand new foliage and more blooms. For the past couple of years I have been cutting them completely back in August and it has really prolonged the bloom season of these plants.   It has also become a regular routine on the to-do list.
Dwarf Grasses & Sedum
Here are more grasses with Sedum 'Brilliant'Heuchera 'Palace Purple' (Coral Bells) and Juniperus 'Blue Star'. I just can't get enough of the grasses in Fall and they are great all summer long as well.
The Lantana tree (annual in the northeast) my husband surprised me with this summer is really doing nicely in its new planter and will stay outside a little longer until the temperatures start to drop.  This welcome member has been such a joy to see on the patio everyday and hopefully it will successfully over-winter in the garage.  Any over-wintering tips are greatly appreciated!
Backyard Island Bed with Crape Myrtle 'Sioux'

On the other side of the property is an island bed that I created just for this Crape Myrtle tree (Lagerstroemia indica 'Sioux') about seven or eight years ago when I bought it at a local nursery at five feet tall.  The bed has expanded and grown to incorporate a Hinoki Cypress, Gold Lace Juniper, Sedum, Salvia, Coral Bells, Ajuga and Mugo Pine.
September Garden
Thank you for visiting my September garden.   Please visit our hostess Carol at May Dreams Gardens to see what is blooming in gardens around the world and to share your passion of gardening along with us.
"A late summer garden has a tranquility found no other time of the year."
- William Longgood
As Always...Happy Garden Blogger's Bloom Day and Happy Gardening!
 Author: Lee@A Guide To Northeastern Gardening, Copyright 2012. All rights reserved



  1. Hi Lee
    How wonderful your garden looks so late in the season!! I have always loved Liriope but never had much luck with it. We were in NC recently and I got to see crape myrtles, which everyone is talking about. Beautiful.

  2. Thank you Astrid. I try to keep the color going as long as I can-trying to extend the season. I just enjoyed reading your post about your Dad's garden...just lovely!

  3. What a lovely garden you have, my first visit and such a joy to take a stroll around! Loved the Hydrangea 'Tardivia' and your Crape Myrtle. I wish I had a huge garden so I could have both :-)

  4. Lovely! The entrance path is gorgeous! And all the color in your garden is beautiful. Happy GBBD!

  5. What a fabulous September garden you have. Loved all the texture and colour. That backyard perennial border is just wonderful. I adored those clumps of flowering Dwarf Fountain Grass. Simply gorgeous. Loved the collage at the end too.

  6. Your garden is spectacular this month and year, with lots of color. I do love the hedge back dropping the garden.

  7. Thank you everyone for visiting and I have enjoyed your gardens as well. Helene-I have enjoyed my Crape Myrtles for years. There is a newer dwarf variety that only grows to two to three feet...great for smaller spaces. I am trying to find a place in the garden to try one!

  8. What a lovely tour of your garden! I love the lantana tree. We visited family in Europe this summer, and during our trip was the first time I saw the lantana trees. They were everywhere! (I still haven't seen them in SC, though.) The foliage of your 'Caramel' Heuchera is inspiring--I really think I need to add this to our garden! I just began following your site and look forward to many return visits to your garden. Happy Bloom Day!

  9. Welcome Julie! Your gardens are lovely and I love how you have hummingbirds by your lantana. Lantana is an annual here so I will have to bring that tree in for the winter and I am so keeping my fingers crossed that it winters alright. I haven't seen any hummingbirds by mine yet but am hoping!

  10. Happy GBBD! I love the curves in the shot of the front entrance pathway and the back flowerbed. Your opening shot of the birdhouse has to be my favourite. Love the textures!

  11. Wishing you a happy Bloom Day, too, Lee. Your September garden is amazing! That front walkway is so inviting, begging you to explore what's around the bend. You seem to have more blooms than I have in my NE garden. Your crepe myrtle is stunning -- I can't grow it, but I believe you are further south than the Poconos.

  12. I love your birdbath, also the hydrangea and the grasses. Interesting what you said about the weather and the colour of your crepe myrtle, I had been wondering about mine but haven't had them long enough to be sure if I was seeing a varation or just not remembering properly from previous years.

  13. I really love those blooms. In deed a very beautiful garden. Thanks a lot for the share.

    Rachel @


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