Sunday, September 15, 2013

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day: The September Garden

As the summer season comes to an end the gardens are showing signs of fall with bright pink blooms of sedum and plumes of dwarf fountain grass swaying in the breeze. The temperatures are now stabilizing in the 70's and in the evenings there is a nip in the air. It is time for look into the garden for another Garden Blogger's Bloom Day. Come take a walk with me and let's see what is blooming in my Long Island garden. 
September Perennial Garden

The perennial garden on the west side of the patio is showing dried spikes of astilbe against the white fuzzy foliage of the Lamb's Ear and bright blues of the Juniperus 'Blue Star'. A hint of remaining purple pokes through from the Salvia 'Maynight' and plumes from the fountain grass can be seen in the backdrop.
Variegated Liriope (Lillyturf)

At this time of year Variegated Liriope is at its peak displaying vibrant purple spikes of color above variegated green and white foliage...
Sedum 'Brilliant'
and Sedum 'Brilliant' is at its height with bright deep pink blooms.

Fountain Grass
Around the front of the driveway the plumes of the fountain grasses sway gently in the breeze...
while the Mockingbird watches me take photos from below. I have been trying to get some close ups of this feathered friend all summer long and have finally gotten used to the zoom on my new camera while the Mockingbird was nice enough to sit and let me take his picture!  He visits the garden everyday and is such a joy.
Hydrangea 'Endless Summer'
Along the back fence the hydrangeas are now at the end of their bloom and the flower heads are a lovely shade of pink getting ready for fall.
Dwarf Butterfly Bush
One of my new favorites in the garden is Dwarf Butterfly Bush Lo & Behold 'Blue Chip'.  I purchased this variety of butterfly bush two years ago and recently planted three more in the front yard. They bloom profusely throughout August and September and draw an array of butterflies to their fragrant purple blooms...definitely one of the highlights of the September garden.

Crape Myrtle 'Sioux' and Platycodon (Balloon Flower)
Another favorite is Crape Myrtle.  This one viewed from the back patio is still in full bloom after three months.  In the foreground is Platycodon (Balloon Flower) which is also still in bloom at this time of year.  Even though spring and summer are my favorite months, I look forward to these two blooms as the cooler temperatures approach.
Sedum and Heuchera

In the backyard these two plants, Sedum and Heuchera thrive next to one another even though they are known to grow in different conditions.  The area gets just the right combination of sun and water for each and the burgundy and pink complement one another.  Another interesting combination is Barberry with Sedum, which you will see a few pictures down.
Garden Whimsy

For a little bit of garden whimsy I recently purchased this bird bath from a local nursery out east and I love how the two little birds sit nestled on the edge.  The local birds are enjoying the new addition as well each time they visit the garden.
Sedum 'Brilliant' against Barberry 'Royal Burgundy'

Here is the combo of the Sedum and Barberry I mentioned earlier...
and here is Garden Gal.
Garden Gal
  The Palace Purple Coral Bells are very large this time of year so Garden Gal is peeking out from among them playing a game of peek a boo.
Hydrangea 'Tardivia'
Hydrangea 'Tardivia' blooms later in the summer once the other hydrangea are through their bloom cycle.  This one is located on the side of the house so it is fun to take a tour in my own yard to see the blooms.
Stella D Oro Daylily

And last but not least is Daylily Stella D Oro.  With regular deadheading this wonderful bright yellow daylily blooms throughout the entire summer and into fall and I can always rely on it to give me a burst of color.  It is definitely a stable in the garden.

Hope you enjoyed the tour and thank you for visiting my Long Island September garden.  Be sure to also visit our Bloom Day hostess Carol at May Dreams Gardens to see what is blooming in other gardens around the world.   As summer comes to an end and fall approaches there is anticipation in the air as I look forward to the changing colors of the garden once more.

As Always...Happy Bloom Day and Happy Gardening!

Author: Lee@A Guide To Northeastern Gardening, Copyright 2013. All rights reserved



  1. Beautiful garden!
    I wish I could get my Sedum to bloom as pretty as yours.
    Happy GBBD!
    Lea's Menagerie

  2. I love your combinations of plants. I also use some of your same combinations.

  3. So many beautiful plants, its hard to pick a favorite! But the striking thing is the lushness. Very beautiful :)

  4. Very nice. I love all the different colors and textures in your garden. Your birdbath is fabulous! I hope the birds enjoy it as much as you. The variegated liriope is gorgeous, and I do like your combination of sedum and barberry.

  5. Lovely blooms and combos. I recently paired up sedum and heuchera, I did wonder how they will cope given that they prefer different conditions. Time will tell!
    Happy Bloom Day Lee!

  6. Just gorgeous as always. Love that sedum.

  7. I always enjoy your posts, particularly when you feature your conifers! Larry

  8. Your garden is gorgeous! I was tempted to buy a dwarf butterfly bush but decided against it. But yours is lovely, and with your success, I will reconsider!

    By the way, thanks for visiting my blog and taking time to comment. I appreciate it, and I am happy that you have led me back to your own delightful blog.

  9. Hi Lee
    So nice to see so much of your garden still in bloom! Your sedum and grasses are in their prime, plus the Stella was a terrific surprise. Glad you still have so many lovely plants to enjoy so late in the season.

  10. Your September garden looks lovely and you have so many gems I would have liked to include in mine, if I could only find space for them! Loved the Sedum 'Brilliant' and Variegated Liriope and I have almost decided to get a Dwarf Butterfly Bush next year, even if I don’t know where to put it! Happy GBBD!

  11. Oh my word, where to start!
    The Liriope caught my eye first, I don't recall ever seeing one before and I love those purple spikes.
    The fountain grass looks really cute and quirky, but the crape Myrtle and platycodon (assuming that is the big white shrub in the foreground) are simply gorgeous, in fact I may have to look into getting one of each ;)
    Thank you for sharing.

  12. We have many of the same plants. My Liriope is blooming now too. Do you like the dwarf butterfly bush? I did the first two years, but it seems too rangy now, even after cutting back. Brilliant is a great small plant. The insects love it. Your garden looks great all year long. You have such variety and loads of textural plants. I did enjoy my tour...

  13. Linda-the Platycodon is the one in the foreground. It gets blue balloon-like flowers in late summer that turn white afterwards and is really cool! Donna-I am loving the dwarf butterfly bushes. The key to keeping them full its that I also occasionally prune longer stalks during the growing season to keep them round and compact. Then in March/Early AprilI give it a really good far so good.

  14. A beautiful tour of your garden, thank you Lee. Oh, how I wish my zone would support Crape Myrtle! I envy you -- yours is stunning. Hope your bloom day was very happy! P. x


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