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A Revisit to Old Westbury Gardens, Long Island, NY

Old Westbury House Old Westbury Gardens
I am now going through some photographs I took previously while revisiting Old Westbury Gardens during the month of September. Old Westbury Gardens are located on the North Shore of Long Island along Long Island's famous Gold Coast. The 23 room Westbury House Charles II-style mansion is the former country residence of the well known financier and sportsman John Shaffer Phipps, son of Henry Philipps of Carnegie Steel Company, his wife Margarita Grace Phipps and their four children. The meticulously maintained mansion and gardens are breathtaking and they are one of my favorite places to visit.
Old Westbury Mansion Estate Grounds-Bench

While exiting the mansion one of the first encounters is this beautiful stone bench located on the raised brick patio overlooking the expansive lawn.  Looking beyond the lawn various paths lead to the numerous gardens on the estate. 
Arbor Leading to Rose Garden

The view of this twisted arbor with climbing roses and wisteria vine looks beautiful even in fall with some of the roses still blooming as it leads to an English-style rose garden.
Old Westbury Mansion South Lawn.

Standing back the mansion stands stately with manicured yew topiary and ivy.
Butterfly Moth Close Up on Bloom
Even though it is fall at Old Westbury Gardens the blooms are abundant.  I was able to get this close up of a Butterfly Moth enjoying the nectar of this beautiful flower.
Dahlia Old Westbury Gardens
The massive bloom of this Dahlia took my breath away. It must of been at least six to seven inches in diameter and certainly one of the most magnificent blooms I have ever seen so I had to capture it! 
Dahlia Old Westbury Gardens
 The beauty of nature never ceases to amaze me with the perfection of this flower.  A repetition of perfectly alternating petals makes this bloom a product of nature's artwork.
Thatched Cottage Old Westbury Gardens
One of my favorite places to visit on the grounds of Old Westbury Gardens is this beautiful thatched cottage and garden. The quaint English-style cottage and garden was a gift to the only Philipps daughter Peggie for her tenth birthday in 1910.
Thatched Cottage Garden Old Westbury Gardens
An abundance of colorful blooms from numerous perennials and annuals can be seen at every visit.
Temple of Love Old Westbury Gardens
The "Temple of Love" is a romantic 18th century designed stone gazebo with a lace-like wrought iron roof which creates the perfect spot for a photographic moment. Bordering the pond a glimpse of the back lawn and mansion can be seen as a reflection in the quiet water.
Walled Garden Old Westbury Gardens
One of the additional highlights to Old Westbury Gardens is the magnificent Walled Garden with an expansive pergola and lotus pond. The gardens consist of an assortment of evergreens, flowering shrubs, perennials, ornamental grasses, bulbs and annuals that offer a beautiful display in all seasons.
Lotus Pond at Walled Garden Old Westbury Gardens
The lotus pond is the home to Koi fish and Lotus blooms.
Lotus Bloom Close Up at Walled Garden Old Westbury Gardens

Looking Back at the Walled Garden Old Westbury
I wait in anticipation until my next visit to this beautiful part of Long Island heritage. Old Westbury Gardens, Inc. was formed in 1959 in order to preserve the mansion and gardens. Open to the public, Old Westbury is partially funded by an endowment while the operating funds for running all educational and cultural programs is derived mainly from admission fees, the annual appeal, membership, corporate and foundation grants, gifts and donations, as well as special events. I feel fortunate to have these magnificent gardens and mansion so near to home and am in awe every time I encounter them.
For more information visit Old Westbury Gardens.
As Always...Happy Gardening!
Author: Lee@A Guide To Northeastern Gardening, Copyright 2013. All rights reserved


  1. Thanks for sharing Lee… I've admired Old Westbury Gardens for years via shows like the older Victory Gardens and various articles in books and magazines…. it must be a great place to visit… Larry

    1. Yes it is...wonderful at anytime of year. It is funny that I just discovered Old Westbury about three years ago and I have been a gardener most of my life. It has been there so close to me all this time.

  2. What a lovely place, Lee! If someone had asked me to identify its location, I would have said England (not Long Island). Gorgeous old mansion and impeccable grounds. Thanks for the tour!

    1. Hi Astrid. I have never been to England but would love to see the estates there. I know this mansion was modeled after stately and manicured! I have also noticed the same type of architecture in the mansions in Rhode Island which we also like to visit.

  3. I will be adding this garden to my bucket garden list! Your photos are beautiful and the is just amazing! The formality combined with the cottage gardens blends so perfectly! Happy Gardening to you!

    1. I am always looking for new gardens to add to the bucket list...can never get enough! The English garden look works for me too. I love the simplicity of boxwoods, roses and then of course the beautiful cottage gardens.

  4. I love twisted arbor and thatched cottage. The Walled Garden is beautiful, with lotuses and water lilies.
    Lee, interesting tour with you, thanks!

    1. Glad you enjoyed Nadezda. I will be looking for more gardens to photograph in my travels!


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