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Springtime at Old Westbury Gardens-Long Island, New York

Old Westbury House
I recently had the pleasure of returning to Old Westbury Gardens on the north shore of Long Island for a springtime visit. The majority of my visits to these magnificent gardens have been during the summer months so it was a nice change to see what blooms are occurring at the end of May.  It was another wonderful visit and I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate the unofficial start of summer along with friends.  There is much to see so come take a stroll with me in the beautiful gardens!
Old Westbury House
The tour starts at the mansion in the heart of the Gold Coast with its beautiful architecture consisting of marble columns and wrought iron grill work highlighted with gold foil accents.  Behind the mansion is a majestic lake that leads to the location of the Temple of Love, which is one of the first places I love to visit.
Bridge Old Westbury Gardens

A beautiful curved bridge crosses over and reflects in the lake creating the perfect serene setting.  Further down the path is the Temple of Love, a beautiful marble and wrought iron pergola overlooking the water.  The back of the great mansion can be seen in the distance.

Temple of Love Old Westbury Gardens

A brick path leads through a maze of natural vine pergolas towards the lilac garden, rose garden and various demonstration gardens.  At this time of year the lilacs are just finishing and the rhododendrons and azaleas are in full bloom.
Pergola Old Westbury Gardens May

Along to the Lotus Pond the Wisteria vines above the pergola are in full bloom in May.
Wisteria on Pergola at Lotus Pond Old Westbury Gardens
The courtyard gardens are so lovely at every visit with sprouting fountains and the beautiful lotus pond and blooms.  At this time of year in May there are an abundance of Giant Allium, Iris, Peony, Poppies and Rhododendron along with urns filled with newly planted annuals.
Old Westbury Gardens May-Giant Allium

Pink Iris Old Westbury Gardens May

The blooms are so magnificent at the gardens and it is amazing to see numerous varieties of iris and peony all in one place.  I especially found these iris to be breathtaking.  I also enjoyed getting "up close and personal" with the vibrant peony below.
Peony Blaze Old Westbury Gardens May

Rhododendron Blooms Old Westbury Gardens May
Rhododendron Blooms Close Up Old Westbury Gardens May

Planter Old Westbury Gardens May

Poppy Old Westbury Gardens May

The poppies and allium were amazing reaching to about four to five inches in diameter. The purple center inside this poppy is a work of art.
Purple Allium Old Westbury Gardens May

Peony Buckeye Belle Old Westbury Gardens May
Peony Cora Louise Old Westbury Gardens May

Purple Iris Old Westbury Gardens May

Peony La France Old Westbury Gardens May

There are so many varieties of Peony in the gardens that I had to do some research to find names for some of them.  Each one is more beautiful than the next with blooms up to eight inches in diameter and some with the aroma of a mild fragrance.
Old Westbury Gardens Thatched Cottage Garden (May)

Here we are at the Thatched Cottage which was the play house for the only daughter of the Philipps family who lived here back in 1910.  I re-live my childhood with each visit and the array of blooms vary with each passing month...making for a sweet display.   

Old Westbury Gardens Thatched Cottage Garden (May)

Giant White Allium Old Westbury Gardens May

Geese and Babies Old Westbury Gardens May

While walking the gardens we encountered a rare treat....a mother goose and her babies by the pond.  I took several photographs and was clicking away as they all started to retreat...making for the perfect ending photo for this post.

The End!

I hope you enjoyed your visit to the beautiful Old Westbury gardens.  

As Always...Happy Gardening!

Author: Lee@A Guide To Northeastern Gardening, Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.


  1. Your beautiful photos shows off this gorgeous garden perfectly!
    What a place to grow up for a little girl, and to have a play house like that?! Thanks for letting me tag along, I thoroughly enjoyed the trip :-)

  2. Old Westbury Gardens is such a beautiful place to be, especially at this time of year.
    Your photographs are magnificent, Lee.
    Thank you for sharing them here,

    1. Thank you so much Lisa and I appreciate your kind words. I am glad you enjoyed the photos!

  3. Hi Lee
    The buildings and structures are so nicely preserved and the plants are exquisite! Thanks for the tour!

    1. I love this place every time I visit. I am glad you enjoyed the tour!


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