Thursday, June 6, 2013

Long Island June Garden in Bloom

It is June and my Long Island garden is at its prime with blooms of peony, roses and salvia alongside colorful evergreen shrubs in shades of blue and gold. The peony are displaying the largest blooms I have ever seen and the roses are blooming profusely and it all seems to have happened almost overnight. The gardens were set back later than I have ever experienced with the occurrence of Hurricane Sandy in November of 2012 followed by a nor'easter a week later and a winter blizzard in 2013. The gardens seemed like they would never recover but as the temperatures finally started to warm into the 70's and the rains came down in May rather than April the gardens have come to life once more and are doing just fine.
June Perennial Garden

Paeony 'Karl Rosenfeld'
Evergreen and Perennial Garden
Raised Garden Berm
Roses and Chives
Siberian Iris
Double Knock Out Rose Red
Peony and Salvia
Salvia 'May Night'
Double Knock Out Rose and Nepeta
Paeony 'Karl Rosenfeld'

I hope the gardens continue on this track for the remainder of the summer and into the fall.  It's funny how "Mother Nature" works.  They seem to have re-adjusted themselves and are now back on schedule to this gardener's delight.  I am looking forward to what is yet to come.

As Always...Happy Gardening!

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  1. So lovely to see your garden is back on track, here in London we haven't started to catch up yet, still very behind but the weather has improved the last week so perhaps I'll get some roses soon!

    Your peony is really gorgeous, don’t you have to stake them? My peonies are horizontal by the time the flowers are open if I don’t stake each flower stem, it spoils the impression a bt as you can see the canes soi well, but I don’t really have a choice. Maybe it’s down to the age of the peonies, or the type. My peonies are probably 30 years old or more, don’t really know as they were here when I moved in.

  2. Your gardens are looking great! So much early June color... we are running a couple weeks behind normal just now in terms of perennials.... interesting that the azaleas were actually early this season though... Larry

  3. Hi Lee...your gardens look fabulous!!It has been an odd year and I think most people's gardens really came through nicely! I planted Chive seeds a few weeks ago along with a bunch of other seeds in the "seed bed" so I don't know what's what yet, but I sure hope they come up. Yours are so pretty!! I really enjoyed seeing your June garden!

  4. Beautiful gardens and amazing to see so many things blooming now. Good to see your garden came through the winter nicely.

  5. Hi Lee
    Don't you just LOVE spring! Your garden is gorgeous - I especially like the pink/purple combinations.

  6. Your garden really is bursting with color. I like the peony/Salvia combo and the chives /roses. Nice partnering.

  7. I noticed that you have chives planted with your roses. Do you just plant the chives for color or do you harvet them too?

  8. Hi Linda...good question! The roses were later planted on each end of the herb garden that I created for my husband. Now in early spring when the chives are forming their blooms it happens to be right next to the new roses. We take the purple flowers off the chives and use them in our cooking for the rest of the summer while also enjoying the blooms in spring.


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