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Garden Blogger's Bloom Day June 2013

June Garden
Welcome to my June garden!  There is much to see this spring with lots of blooms everywhere.   With a slow start this year there was even more anticipation than ever and now the gardens are alive with color.  Come along and walk with me.
Salvia May Night
Here is the local bumble bee enjoying the nectar of the May Night Salvia.  It took me a while to get this photo for bumble bees do not pose but I got it!
Viburnum 'Summer Snowflake'
 The 'Summer Snowflake' Viburnum are starting to flower and will continue to do so throughout the season. 
Daylily 'Stella D Oro'
 The Daylilies are late opening this year but this lone flower popped open just in time for Bloom Day.  I am enjoying my newest camera with a 45x zoom lens to get these close ups.
Garden Love!
  The tour wouldn't be the same without a visit to the garden gal and boy. The Sedum ground cover should be blooming in front of them soon.
Double Knock Out Rose (Pink)
The Pink Knock Out Roses are blooming all at once after the heavy rains we have been getting recently...

Hosta, Salvia May Night and Lamb's Ear
and the Salvia 'Maynight' and Stachys (Lamb's Ear) is flourishing as well.
Double Knock Out Rose (Pink) and Nepeta
Here are my Red Double Knock Outs along with Nepeta 'Walkers Low'.
Poolscape with Western Arborvitae in Backdrop
After the storm (Hurricane Sandy) we lost the White Pines behind the pool waterfall and had to replace them.  I went with 12-14 foot Western Arborvitae which gave us an instant screening and we are happy that the garden is now restored.  It was heartbreaking to have to rip out those majestic trees but they had been declining for some time and the winds and salts had wiped them out.  After quite the day getting the new trees in all is good and the garden is back to normal again.
Poolscape in June
Spirea 'Limemound' Bloom
Here is my Spirea 'Limemound'.  I love it for its colorful foliage all summer and for its delicate pink blooms.
Hosta 'Patriot'
Around the side of the property is this 'Patriot' Hosta. Apparently it is very happy in its location.  I have always thought of 'Patriots' as being slow growing...but not this one! 
Perennial Garden
Back around to the patio area by the house is the perennial garden.  The Lamb's Ear and Salvia are blooming with the Astilbe and Daylilies close behind.
Lampost Garden
The Nepeta 'Walker's Low' are doing very well this year with all the spring showers we have been getting.  You can see it here in the backdrop on the right.

'Yaku Jima' Maiden Grasses in Sunny Section of Garden 
The grasses are Sedum are flourishing as well due to the extra rain we have been getting. 
Hakonechloa Macra (Golden Japanese Forest Grass)
Gold Lace Juniper and Heuchera
Back around to the front yard gardens there is a huge Blue Atlas Cedar surrounded by Juniperus 'Gold Lace' and a combination of Heuchera-'Palace Purple' and 'Caramel'. New cultivars of Heuchera keep coming out and I am enjoying having them in the gardens, especially the 'Caramel' which even takes the sun.
Driveway Garden Planting Full View
 Here is another view of the lamppost garden with Golden Oriental Spruce, Barberry and Nepeta. 
Spirea Double Play 'Big Bang' Bloom
New to the garden this year is a new cultivar of Spirea called Double Play 'Big Bang' and it certainly lives up to its name!  I am so thrilled with this new plant with both its foliage and robust blooms unlike any Spirea I have ever seen.  It is like a light show of color. 
Spirea Double Play 'Big Bang' June Foliage
 Thank you for visiting my June garden. I will be sure to visit you as well. After a long and difficult winter the garden is alive and I am enjoying it every moment I can.  It has been a busy time for my husband and I but after this post I will be retiring from 32 years of teaching (and he from 31 years).  We are both looking forward to enjoying more quiet time in the solitude of our gardens and I will have more time to keep up on the garden tasks which I love.  Please stop by and visit our hostess Carol at May Dreams Gardens to see what others have blooming in their gardens. Happy Garden Blogger's Bloom Day.

And As Always...Happy Gardening!

Author: Lee@A Guide To Northeastern Gardening, Copyright 2013. All rights reserved


  1. Thanks for a lovely walk around your garden, it looks so colourful and summery, I am a bit jealous that you have daylilies already, I don’t even have any buds on mine! Things are still slow here in London, not really catching up.
    Love your mature acer by the pool, is it a palmatum ‘garnet’? I have one, it would not cope with blazing sunshine in such an open space, the leaves go crisp and curly, I have mine in dappled shade and it is happy there. I would love to have another one, but the only available space would mean a lot more sun, does your get full sun all summer?
    Congratulations on your retirement, I am sure you both will have plenty to fill your days with even though you no longer will be working, that’s how retirement works – never as busy as after stopping working :-)
    Happy GBBD!

  2. Thank you Helene! We are looking forward to retirement...and I can't wait to have more time in the garden! The acer in the photo is 'Red Select' and it is in mostly full sun (mainly from eastern exposure)and does well. I know some prefer some dappled shade but this variety has thrived right by the pool! Happy GBBD!

  3. Dear Lee! You really have a wonderful garden. It seems to be huge. And I think I have to buy a "Golden Japanese Forest Grass", it looks so gorgeous.
    Best wishes from Austria!

  4. Congratulations on your imminent retirement. You will be able to enjoy your fabulous garden even more. Everything looks so colourful. That Salvia 'May Night' caught my eye, and I so love your Hosta, Saliva 'May Night', Lamb's Ear combination.

  5. Everything looks fantastic. I must say, the beds around the pool area are very well done. Can't wait to see next month's blooms.

  6. The landscaping in your yard is just fabulous! I love all the wonderful colorful shrubs you have. That poolscape looks awesome - what a heavenly place for a swim!

  7. quite colorful indeed. Well done.

  8. Thanks for coming by my blog. Your gardens are much cooler than mine -- is that a pun or a double something-or-other?

    My older son is a King's Point graduate, so I've seen some of Long Island's gardens. Yours is superb.

  9. I came to your blog looking for info on how to deadhead or trim the May Night salvia I have so that I could maximize the blooms..thank you for that information...Michelle

  10. A great read. I'm glad to read that you are happy with your replacement trees. I do like a lot of your planting combinations -particularly the lambs ear and nepeta. It's given me some ideas for my front path area.
    Congrats to you both on your forth coming retirement - may it be a long and happy one!

  11. Beautiful!
    I especially like the Hosta, Salvia, and Lamb's Ear together. And all those Spirea - so lovely!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  12. I hope you and your husband enjoy retirement. I expect you will love having more time for your garden. I love the arborvitae behind the pool. Such majestic trees, and they look fantastic. Your perennial garden is absolutely gorgeous. I can imagine the daylilies with the lambs ear, and the purple of the salvia with the gold foliage is quite striking. I've never heard of double play 'big bang', but what an interesting looking plant! I bet it really causes everyone to stop and take notice!

  13. Loved the garden, Lee! So much is in bloom. The pool looks very inviting on a hot summer's day. I have been retired for a year and a half now and am loving every minute of it. You will appreciate the extra time you can spend in the garden. Congratulations!

  14. Thank you everyone for your nice comments and good wishes. I have enjoyed visiting all your gardens as well. Yes...retirement is just four days away now and I will be sure to have more time to literally "smell the roses"!

  15. Hi Lee your gardens are looking terrific and I love that combination of salvia and lambs ears together. Your gardens look immaculate and that poolscape looks like an image straight out of a gardening magazine.

    Hope you and your husband enjoy your retirement together.

  16. You really have a beautiful garden and I am so jealous with you. Thank you for the lovely walk around your garden Lee.


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