Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Feature Shrub: Spirea Double Play 'Big Bang'

Double Play® Big Bang Spirea
Spirea japonica 'Tracy' P.P.A.F.
There is a new flowering shrub for your garden and its name is Spirea Double Play 'Big Bang'.   Massive pink blooms against glowing red spring foliage and bright yellow summer foliage make this plant a must have in the garden.   'Double Play' Spirea exhibit both colorful foliage and large robust flowers that are larger than any spirea flower I have ever seen.  Massive pink blooms reach up to three inches across as compared to one and a half inch blooms of traditional spirea.
Double Play®Big Bang Spirea Mid-Spring Foliage
Spirea 'Double Play' is a deciduous low mounding shrub hardy to zones 4-9. It prefers to be grown in part to full sun in a slightly acidic well drained soil. Spirea 'Double Play' grows to a height and width of 24-36 inches and exhibits a low compact mounding habit. Blooms emerge from new growth in spring so spirea can be pruned in late winter before flowering or after flowering in late summer. Once established this shrub is relatively low maintenance and is also drought tolerant.
Double Play®Big Bang Spirea Early Spring Foliage
Spirea 'Double Play' Big Bang displays bright orange foliage in early spring...
Double Play®Big Bang Spirea Late Spring Foliage
followed by bright yellow foliage in late spring...followed by beautiful pink blooms in summer.
      Double Play®Big Bang Spirea Summer Foliage     

As an added bonus Spirea 'Double Play' is both 'deer resistant' and
attracts hummingbirds. It is an ideal shrub for foundation plantings, mixed
borders and mass plantings.  In my opinion I would have called this plant " triple play"
for its beautiful foliage, extraordinarily large blooms and outstanding performance!
  It is sure to be a hit in your garden!
 As Always...Happy Gardening!

Author: Lee@A Guide To Northeastern Gardening, Copyright 2013. All rights reserved 


  1. Wow... there's a lot going on with this plant! I was not aware of this cultivar prior to seeing your post... good info... L

  2. It's always interesting how Mother Nature can make 2 such contrasting colours - lime green and mauve-y pink - look as if they were made for each other. Love it!

  3. So true Astrid. Mother Nature did well on this shrub. I am so glad to have found it and am enjoying it! There are some other varieties of 'Double Play' as well that I would like to see how they perform.

  4. Chameleon plant. I love some Spirea for this quality. Nice show of it through the changes.

  5. So many pretty flowers for Bloom Day. I enjoyed finding your blog. Happy Bloom Day.


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